Canada ‘disappointed’ at U.S. decision to appeal WTO panel report on Canadian softwood lumber

MARY Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade, in a statement regarding the United States decision to appeal the World Trade Organization (WTO) panel report on U.S. countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber, said on Monday: “Canada is disappointed that the United States decided to appeal last month’s WTO panel report, which found the countervailing duties against Canada to be inconsistent with the United States’ WTO obligations.”

She noted: “This appeal comes at a time when the WTO Appellate Body is currently unable to hear appeals as a direct result of the U.S. refusal to agree to the appointment of new Appellate Body members.

“U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber have time and again been found to be unfair and unwarranted. These duties have caused unjustified harm to Canadian industry and U.S. consumers alike, and are impeding economic recovery on both sides of the border.

“Canada will continue to work tirelessly to defend its forestry sector, which supports hundreds of thousands of good, middle-class jobs for hard-working Canadians in communities across our country. We will keep challenging these duties through all available avenues, including through our ongoing legal challenges under NAFTA.”

Read Canada’s remarks at Monday’s WTO Dispute Settlement Body meeting regarding the panel report and the U.S. decision to appeal.