Surrey carjacking suspect arrested: Pregnant woman in first vehicle hurt, baby in another vehicle found safe


NOW it appears that a pregnant woman ended up with a cracked pelvis when a carjacker caused a crash involving several vehicles before he stole a vehicle with a baby inside and then abandoned it.

A 24-year-old suspect was later arrested. Edward Joseph Biwer has been charged with unlawful confinement, assault with a weapon, robbery with a firearm and dangerous driving.

The pregnant woman’s husband told the CBC on Wednesday that her unborn baby is fine but she is still in hospital.

The woman and the suspect had a struggle in the truck that ended crashing into several other vehicles before landing up on its roof.

The husband told CBC: “The roof was crushed and he wound up on top of my wife, which is probably why he didn’t get hurt.”

He added: “She cushioned the blow. For this guy to get out of the vehicle, he braced himself against my wife and he was kicking her stomach and chest to get himself out of the vehicle.”

CTV reported that a Good Samaritan who rushed to the truck to help had her car stolen with her seven-week-old baby in the back seat.


THE drama began at about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday when Surrey RCMP responded to reports of a male observed with a gun near the area of 186th Street and Fraser Highway. While en route to the scene, officers were advised that a Toyota pick-up truck had been stolen from the area by a white male suspect, believed to be the male seen with a gun earlier, with a female inside the vehicle.

The suspect fled the area in the stolen vehicle and was involved in a crash involving multiple vehicles near Fraser Highway and 68th Avenue. The male exited the vehicle at the accident scene and proceeded to steal a Ford Escape with a baby in the back seat.

All available units attended the area immediately in an effort to locate the vehicle and the baby. The stolen Ford Escape was located by patrolling officers within minutes. The vehicle had been abandoned, with the baby inside, in the area of 96th Avenue and 158th Street. The baby was reunited with his mother, apparently unharmed.

Cpl. Bert Paquet told the media: “I saw a response from officers I had never seen before in 20 years of service. All officers everywhere in Surrey, who were not attached to an urgent file, immediately went and patrolled aggressively looking for the vehicle and the baby.”

A gun was recovered from inside the Toyota pickup that was left at the accident scene near Fraser Highway and 68th Avenue.