Catalytic converter theft suspects arrested by Mounties

SHORTLY after noon on December 30, an alert RCMP Crime Reduction Officer (CRU) noted a Volkswagon Jetta parked alongside a vehicle at the back of a parking lot in the 5800-block of Vedder Road in Chilliwack.

“The vehicle together with the odd behaviour of its two occupants caught our officer’s attention,” said Cpl. Mike Rail on Tuesday. “Police computer data base queries performed by the officer confirmed the vehicle was not insured and associated to a theft of catalytic converter reported to Abbotsford police in December 2021.”

The Jetta remained parked for almost half an hour before a suspect stood up between the parked vehicles, allegedly tossed a catalytic converter into the Jetta and drove out of the parking lot.

Officers converging on the location quickly stopped the Jetta, then arrested a 44-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman, both of Chilliwack. Police later released both individuals pending a court date in February.