Caught with his pants down – literally! Transit Police still investigating a series of break-ins (videos)



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METRO Vancouver Transit Police are investigating a series of break-ins to ticket vending machines (TVM’s) that took place a few months ago.

In August of 2014, five break-ins of TVM’s occurred at SkyTrain Stations, with cash boxes removed in some cases. The stations involved were Metrotown (2), Lake City Way, Patterson and 29th Avenue.

Either two or three men at a time were involved, all wearing dark clothing, bandanas tied across their faces and hats or hoods further concealing their identity. They used crowbars and screw drivers to break into the machines. In one incident, a white jeep Cherokee was used, and was later recovered as a stolen vehicle.

In the last incident on August 27, one of the men caught his pants on some wire as he was running away and left his pants at the scene. No further incidents have occurred since that time.

The stations are alarmed and under camera surveillance but the men are very fast operators and have just managed to evade capture on several occasions.

Approximately $2,000 has been stolen and approximately $7,000 in damage done to the TVM’s as a result of these five incidents.

Transit Police are hoping that someone might be aware of who is responsible for these thefts. They believe that someone may have been bragging about this or telling the story about losing their pants.

If anyone has any information regarding these incidents, they are asked to call Transit Police at 604-515-8300, CrimeStoppers if they wish to remain anonymous, or text Transit Police at 87 77 77.