Chandigarh’s PGIMER to have satellite centre at Sangrur

New Delhi (IANS): Chandigarh’s Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) will have its satellite centre at Sangrur in Punjab, the government said Wednesday.

The approval for setting up of the satellite centre was given Wednesday by the cabinet.

Setting up of the satellite centre would be under the ongoing 12th Five Year Plan “Scheme of Redevelopment of Hospitals and Institutions” involving financial implication of Rs.449 crore inclusive of recurring cost of Rs.161 crore for the first four years, the government said.

The project will reduce the average distance people have to travel for their health care and treatment.

The satellite centre would also cater to the region-specific diseases, and would also considerably reduce the patient burden on the PGIMER.

The centre will widen and improve patient care services by creating state-of-the-art infrastructure for tertiary health care and bring specialised health care services within the reach of people of the region.

Increasing hospital bed strength will provide access to health care services for marginalised classes as also help towards meeting World Health Organisation (WHO) norms.