Child abuse mainly by Pakistani heritage criminal gangs: British police commissioner’s resignation demanded

London (IANS) Police commissioner of the British metropolitan county of South Yorkshire has come under fire from various quarters after an inquiry exposed shockingly child sexual abuses.

Leaders from different sections demanded Wednesday resignation of Shaun Wright, police and crime commissioner of the metropolitan county. The commissioner, however, refused to resign, Xinhua reported.

[According to BBC: “A report commissioned by the [Rotherham] council was published on Tuesday and revealed the massive level of abuse in Rotherham, mainly by Pakistani heritage criminal gangs.

“The inquiry team noted fears among council staff of being labelled “racist” if they focused on victims’ descriptions of the majority of abusers as “Asian” men.”]

He was in charge of children’s services at Rotherham Council for five years since 2005. A large number of sexual abuse cases were disclosed during this period, the report revealed. He had apologised for the failure of the council Tuesday.

According to an independent inquiry carried out by professor Alexis Jay released Tuesday, about 1,400 children in Rotherham, a large town in South Yorkshire, were sexually exploited from 1997 to 2013.

The report said that children were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.

Some had been doused in petrol and threatened with guns, and forced to witness violent rapes.

Roger Stone, leader of Rotherham council, resigned Tuesday in wake of the publication of the report.