Surrey chiropractor Maninder Singh Badyal sentenced to pay nearly $20,000 for committing fraud against ICBC

A B.C. Provincial Court judge has found a Surrey chiropractor guilty of committing fraud over $5,000, billing ICBC for treatments that were never performed.

Dr. Maninder Singh Badyal, owner of Absolute Health and Wellness Clinic in Surrey, was convicted on June 8 after a four-week trial earlier this year, ICBC said on Thursday.

The investigation began in October 2014 when an ICBC adjuster noticed irregularities in the documentation with one patient.

When the ICBC Special Investigation Unit (SIU) looked into the situation, investigators discovered irregular billing patterns from this clinic. The clinic provides massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Evidence presented in court showed 11 patients were directed to meet with Badyal, although none of them went to the clinic for chiropractic treatment. ICBC was billed for these initial consultations and subsequent chiropractic treatments that the patients denied having received.

On August 16, the judge sentenced Badyal to pay a $10,000 fine and $9,600 in restitution.

ICBC noted that fraudulent and exaggerated claims are not only dishonest, they create real costs for B.C. drivers. North American auto insurance industry studies estimate that 10 to 20 per cent of claims contain an element of fraud or exaggeration. This means that fraud is costing British Columbians up to $600 million per year – that’s more than $100 on every auto insurance policy.

ICBC’s Special Investigation Unit closed nearly 10,000 investigations in 2016. The SIU’s work has resulted in approximately 550 convictions from 2010 to 2015.

British Columbians can report suspicious activities related to insurance fraud to ICBC’s toll-free tips line at 1-800-661-6844. Tip information is confidential and callers can remain anonymous. For more information, visit


  1. Did they ban this fraudster from billing in the future? Take his licence to practice away? Thats a small fine to pay, he likely collected ten times the amount of that puny fine.
    He should be forced to pay back every dime taken illegally as well as pay a much bigger fine for commiting fraud for as long as he did

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