Coast Mountain Bus Company President again asks union to agree to mediation

COAST Mountain Bus Company President Michael McDaniel in a statement on Thursday said that in the interest of avoiding a full bus system shutdown, CMBC has asked for a fourth time that the union agree to mediation.

He said that CMBC is awaiting a response from the union.

McDaniel said: “Over 350,000 people take the bus in Metro Vancouver every weekday. Commuters should not be put in the middle of this dispute. CMBC’s offer contains significant improvements to working conditions, including guaranteed recovery time.”

He said that CMBC is offering generous wage increases above amounts found in other public sector settlements in British Columbia: 

  • The top annual wage for operators will increase by about $6,100 over the next four years, bringing their annual salary to $69,900
  • The top annual wage for skilled trades will increase by about $10,000 over the next four years, bringing their annual salary to $88,000

 McDaniel claimed: “Wages remain the main sticking point between the two parties. Accepting the union’s demands for more money could result in increases in fares, fees, and taxes or endanger plans for much needed service expansion. CMBC is asking the union to allow a mediator to help resolve this main outstanding issue and the company remains open to the process. CMBC believes that mediation is a proven method commonly used to resolve disputes like this one.”