United Bid Committee for FIFA World Cup won’t tell B.C. how much it would be expected to contribute

Lisa Beare

LISA Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, on Wednesday made the following statement about Vancouver potentially hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2026:

“The prospect of hosting the FIFA World Cup is exciting for soccer fans, and has the potential to bring significant economic and cultural benefits to British Columbia. For the past several weeks, our government has been working diligently with the United Bid Committee – consisting of Canada, the United States and Mexico – to bring the 2026 cup to Vancouver, as one of the committee’s Canadian host cities.

“While we support the prospect of hosting the World Cup, we cannot agree to terms that would put British Columbians at risk of shouldering potentially huge and unpredictable costs.

“Throughout this process, we have been in regular contact with the bid committee and other levels of government to support this bid, while protecting taxpayers. Through these conversations and our submissions to the bid committee, we have made numerous attempts to clarify the risks and obligations faced by British Columbians.

“So far, the bid committee has rejected our requests to clarify how much British Columbians could be expected to contribute. And they have declined to negotiate with the province regarding the concerns we raised.

“Should the bid committee reconsider, our door remains open to bringing some of the 2026 World Cup games to Vancouver.”