Concerns Looming With Canada Post Cuts

postalCommunity forums in Metro Vancouver continue as more people gather to voice concerns over Canada Post delivery cuts coming soon. The latest discussion was held last night in New Westminster. Advocates say senior safety won’t be their only problem when door-to-door delivery is phased out.

The South Vancouver Neighbourhood House is recognizing that postal workers are often an extra set of eyes and ears around the community.

Executive Director Karen Larcombe says they are usually the first people to get a sense if something at a home isn’t quite right. For example, if the mail is stacking up on the door step or someone is being neglected or even abused.

“[They’re] known to others in the community as a safe person. They become kind of a lookout for those folks who are more vulnerable; for those who tend to be home more than those who are more active in the workforce.”

She is also very worried about single moms. “[What if] you have to pack [your kids] on a cold rainy night and there is no one else picking up the mail for you and you need to pick up a cheque — are you going to leave them at home?”

Larcombe says leaving the kids behind for a few minutes could be tempting but not the right decision. “I hope that doesn’t happen with those babies but it is possible. [But] you have to pack them up.”

The phasing-out of door-to-door mail delivery is expected to be completed by 2019 as a cost-cutting measure for the crown corporation.