Conservative Leader Scheer slams Trudeau for maligning Indian Government

Andrew Scheer
Photo: Facebook

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Andrew Scheer on Thursday slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after media personality Jaspal Atwal gave an explanation to the media about how he ended up in India with Trudeau.

Scheer said: “The government of India, Randeep Sarai, and Jaspal Atwal, have all refuted Justin Trudeau’s theory that Mr. Atwal was planted at the Prime Minister’s events in India, in an effort by the Indian government to humiliate Justin Trudeau.

“By continuing to support a conspiracy theory that is unsupported by any proof and has been met only with denials by those alleged to be involved, Justin Trudeau is making unsubstantiated allegations to distract attention from his disastrous India trip.

“Justin Trudeau is failing to be honest with Canadians about the Atwal affair. Canadians deserve answers.”