Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai introduces bill to designate October as Hindu Heritage Month

Deepak Obhrai

CONSERVATIVE MP Deepak Obhrai on Thursday introduced a bill in Parliament to designate the month of October as Hindu Heritage Month.

The bill, following its passage through Parliament, will create the Hindu Heritage Month Act, that will proclaim the month of October, every year, as Hindu Heritage Month.

“I am honoured to have introduced this bill in recognition of the important role played by Hindu Canadians in our country’s economic growth and social development,” Obhrai said. “Hindu Canadians are a vital link in Canada’s fabled multicultural mosaic. They are part of the success story that has made Canada one of the best countries in the world.”

Obhrai pointed out that the Hindu celebration of Diwali, which he began celebrating on Parliament Hill in 1998, is the first one to have taken place at a national legislature in a western democracy.

“By proclaiming the month of October as Hindu Heritage Month, the Government of Canada will recognize the important role played by Hindu Canadians in our federation. It will be an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate,” Obhrai added.


  1. Very strange since the Conservative base are the most racist people in Canada! As a Hindu I think this guy and his party are a joke! They won’t get my vote in 2019

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