Conservative MP Wai Young’s supporters welcome Amandeep Nijjar’s NDP nomination as Chinese-Canadians votes won’t get split

Amandeep Nijjar Official photo
Amandeep Nijjar
Official photo

Nijjar says Vancouver South is a diverse riding that goes beyond culture, language and race


SUPPORTERS of Conservative MP Wai Young on Tuesday night welcomed the victory of Amandeep Nijjar as the NDP candidate for the riding as they had feared the splitting of Chinese-Canadian votes if Caroline Wang had won instead. Wang is a family doctor and the founding president of the Association of Chinese Canadian Professionals of BC.

With South Asian candidate Lt. Col. Harjit Singh Sajjan representing the Liberals, Young’s supporters, including a group of prominent South Asians from the Ross Street Gurdwara that represent the so-called moderate group of Sikhs that had supported businessman Barj Dhahan’s Liberal candidacy, were thrilled.

As it is, a poll a few weeks ago had shown Conservative support plummeting. Now Young’s position is likely to improve.

A poll earlier this month had shown the Liberals leading in the riding with 27 per cent support, with the NDP at 21 per cent and the Conservatives at a dismal 17 per cent.

But Nijjar noted: “Vancouver South is a diverse riding with different opinions that go beyond culture, language and race.” She added: “In my respectful opinion, the people of Vancouver South understand and value their democratic rights and they look at good public policies rather than the color of a candidate when making their ballet box decision.”

Nijjar said: “Instead of standing up for Vancouver South and speaking against Bill C-51, Wai Young tried to take advantage of the Air India tragedy to score cheap political points, which she apologized under pressure from the community.”

The political scenario in this riding is very fluid. If an NDP surge continues in B.C., Nijjar might end up knocking out both Young and Sajjan.



NIJJAR, a community activist, is a staff person in the finance department of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378.

She was born in Vancouver, graduated from John Oliver Secondary School and has always considered Vancouver South her home.

“I am so happy to have Amandeep Nijjar on the NDP team,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. “She will be a great representative for Vancouver South and her experience as a community activist and her deep commitment to revitalizing the local business community will make her an excellent Member of Parliament.”

After winning the nomination Nijjar said: “I am proud to be part of Tom Mulcair’s team, and I am looking forward to being part of the change that Canadians are looking for.”

Nijjar pledged to work towards boosting the local economy by cutting the small business tax rate from 11 to 9 percent.

“I have seen the impact of Conservative neglect on our community, and I want to be part of building positive solutions,” she said.