Conservatives launch

Andrew Scheer
Photo: Vinnie Combow

CONSERVATIVES on Sunday launched, a website where Canadians can demand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allow former Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould to speak fully and freely about the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal.

They said that Trudeau continues to silence Wilson-Raybould by refusing to waive solicitor-client privilege and cabinet confidence that would allow the former Attorney General to speak about why she resigned from cabinet.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday to consider whether or not to invite Wilson-Raybould to testify for a second time.

“As extraordinary as her testimony was, we cannot forget that Justin Trudeau banned her from completing it,” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said.

“Other key figures in this affair like Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick and his former top advisor Gerald Butts – not surprisingly, the ones closest to Mr. Trudeau – are able to speak freely and fully. This is not right. And it is not fair.”

Liberal MPs on the Justice committee have already rejected a second appearance from  Wilson-Raybould, but Scheer called on them to reconsider.

“They should take off their partisan Liberal hats and do the right thing by inviting Ms. Wilson-Raybould back,” Scheer said. “And Justin Trudeau must let her speak. No conditions. No limitations. The full truth.”


  1. If the liberal party was not so crooked then they would Jody testify. And as for snc that is total bs they have never employed 9000 people in QC.

  2. prove to Canadians you have nothing to hide “let her speak” if you don’t we will assume you are covering up relevant information!!!

  3. We the people can not make an informed judgment on this issue without hearing ALL the facts.
    Jody Wilson-Raybould and the others she mentioned in her first appearance should ALL be allowed
    to speak.

  4. Justin Trudeau,
    You do not have the Power to let her speak or not !!!
    Jody Wilson-Raybauld @Puglass, just Speak to the media and be Safe. !
    The majority of the Justine Cimmiytee is Partisan, and they are sheep ? and just say what bully Justin tells them what to say.They have NO conscience ,
    OR no concept of TRUTH to Power,,
    Bernadette Mulligan,

  5. It is imperative that Jody Wilson-Raybould be allowed to speak freely, the interference of Liberal party in this manner is clear and their guilt more pronounced each day. She is a woman of integrity and must be allowed the opportunity to give us the whole truth.

  6. Time for Trudeau to face the music. This liberal government is truly nothing more than the old boys club from 20 years ago they have involved women and gender equality issues to cover up the real liberal agenda. Nothing more than a corrupt government trying to fleece the Canadian people. Open and transparent should read corrupt and dishonest. Thank God someone realized this and now the fight to get the truth.

  7. Let her speak. If the PM has nothing to hide, why doesn’t he let her speak freely? We all should let him know he is NOT above the law.

  8. Yes Mr Trudeau, let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak.
    You promised transparency- please deliver on that promise.

  9. Not letting her speak only screams to me of corruption pure and simple. Let’s hear what you are hiding behind.

  10. Prime Minister it’s time you allowed and order require all people involved this SNC-Lavin mess to tell the truth.The way you have been handled this mess is unbelievable.

  11. Let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak to the Justice Committee regarding the period January 11th, 2019 until her testimony on February 27th, 2019. There appears to have been important conversations during that time that lead to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s resignation from Veteran’s Affairs and Gerald Butts resignation from the PMO on February 18th, 2019.

  12. Mr. Scheer should stop his political campaign. Ms. Wilson Raibel did ‘speak her truth’ — how many truths does he need? His motives are suspect, certainly not representing most Canadians. Enough already!

  13. Barry Ferguson
    The whole truth needs to be told. There should be no conditions placed to stop Judy Wilson -Raybould from telling all she knows about the SNC-Lavin affair.

  14. if we don’t hear the full story then canadians will be denied the truth our justice system is supposed to ensure.

  15. Let her speak to why she was muzzled. Lots of speculations not favourable to the prime minister.

  16. If the Prime Minister is telling the truth about the Lavlin and Jody Wilson Raybolt , what has he to fear, he should come clean and let her tell her side of the story, she needs to be able to tell her whole truth, he didn’t restrict Gerald Butts who had resigned, or the Werner or the Privy Counsel lady from speaking twice, it will always remain a mystery to the Canadian Public if she is banned from being able to present her whole truth from the up to the time she resigned just like butts.

  17. If Justin needs to prove his government is transparent as he promised in the election campaign, now is the time to show it! He cannot muzzle JWR and claim he’s transparent-to the contrary it proves he’s hiding something. A rumor is now circulating that this has nothing to do with jobs (how could it , because SNC does not qualify) but with the liberals not wanting a trial as damaging info to their party would emerge. What are they hiding?

  18. Justin, let her speak. You must be very afraid of what she may say. The transparency you promised has certainly not been proven.
    Case i Point: It was just brought to my attention that the Quebec Pension Plan is a huge shareholder in SNCLavalin and that you are also a shareholder. It has also been brought to my attention that Saudi Arabia is SNC’s largest customer. No wonder you and Quebec don’t want pipelines. A little more is coming to light each day. So, why don’t you come clean and let her speak?

  19. the hypocracy is outrageous there are lies what transparency he,s obviously got things to hide i dont think he expected jody to be so well versed he,s an actor that shouldn,t be running a country we are becoming a third world country

  20. Does anyone have information as to how many people have signed on to theirs webpage ? You would think that would be important for us to know

  21. Hey Canada what Ms. Wilson-Raybould has to say is none of your business. Hang in there Mr. Trudeau and don’t let her speak. Damn nosy Canadians! Mind your own business.

  22. If you hinder someone to appear to continue to talk without restrictions then it appears that the liberals
    wish to suppress the truth . Mr. Trudeau let JWR reappear at the JC and the truth shall set you free or not.

  23. Mr Trudeau, Please let the former AG, Ms Wilson-Rayboult speak and in so doing allow the democracy of this nation to speak. If she is continued to be muzzled by you, democracy is silenced and a dictatorship is born.

  24. PM Trudeau:

    Please let Jody Wison-Raybould speak. The nation needs to know what is going on.

    Something is going on or you would not have fired her from the Attorney General’s position. You’ve forced your personal abortion/sexuality agenda on us, and now you are going around the legitimate rule of law to force your agenda even further. Wrong! Wrong!

  25. The Prime Minister must remove the
    ‘Truduct-Tape’ he has stuck on MP Judy Wilson-Raybould!
    We expect and now demand complete voicing of all aspects of the little PMO foot soldiers pressure tactics.
    Let us not forget the first fact….SNC charged with massive illegal bribery!

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