Andrew Scheer to launch inquiry into SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal

Andrew Scheer

CONSERVATIVE Leader Andrew Scheer on Thursday announced in Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s riding of Papineau that a new Conservative government would launch a judicial inquiry into the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal.

A new Conservative government will also introduce the No More Cover Ups Act to allow the RCMP to access information protected by cabinet confidence by making an application to the Supreme Court of Canada. This will prevent corrupt politicians from hiding behind cabinet confidence to escape police investigation.

Scheer said that as confirmed by hours of Parliamentary testimony, taped conversations, and an Ethics Commissioner’s guilty verdict, Trudeau politically interfered in SNC-Lavalin’s criminal prosecution by trying to “circumvent, undermine, and ultimately attempt to discredit” former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould.

However, to this day, Trudeau refuses to waive cabinet confidence, keeping important details of the scandal secret and preventing several key witnesses, including Wilson-Raybould, from disclosing evidence.

“Justin Trudeau has covered up his role in the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal every step of the way,” Scheer said. “He blocked three Parliamentary investigations, refused to co-operate with the Ethics Commissioner, and is currently blocking the RCMP from obtaining key evidence. As Prime Minister, I will call a judicial inquiry so Canadians can finally get the answers they deserve.”

“No longer will a corrupt Prime Minister be able to be the gatekeeper of his own misconduct,” said Scheer. “These measures will safeguard our democracy against the whims of sleazy and unscrupulous politicians. Justin Trudeau has so far avoided consequence for the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, but the Canadian people will deliver their verdict on October 21.”

Quick Facts:

  • In 2017, Justin Trudeau became the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking ethics laws for accepting a vacation from a lobbyist. In August, he was found guilty again for his role in the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal.
  • Trudeau abused the power of his office to shut down two separate Ethics Committee investigations and a Justice Committee investigation.
  • In his final report, Trudeau II, Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion noted, “During this examination, nine witnesses informed our Office that they had information they believed to be relevant, but that could not be disclosed because, according to them, this information would reveal a confidence of the Queen’s Privy Council and would fall outside the scope of Order in Council 2019-0105.”
  • Right before the election, Canadians learned the RCMP is being prevented from investigating possible obstruction of justice because Trudeau refuses to waive cabinet confidence.