Conservatives unveil fully costed platform they say will eliminate Trudeau’s deficit by 2024

THE Conservatives on Friday released Andrew Scheer’s ‘Plan for You to Get Ahead,’ a fully costed platform that details how a new Conservative government will live within its means and put more money in your pockets.

Conservatives unveil fully costed platform

In his remarks, Scheer offered examples of how typical Canadian families will get ahead under a new Conservative government:

  • Under a new Conservative government, an average retired couple living in Tsawwassen will save $2,580 a year.
  • Under a new Conservative government, a family of four – soon to be five – in Montreal will save $4,642 a year.
  • Under a new Conservative government, a family of four in Markham will save $3,264 a year.

“Under Justin Trudeau, Canadians are working harder and harder, but they’re just not getting ahead. Everything keeps getting more expensive and if Trudeau is re-elected, it will only get worse,” Scheer said.

“My Plan For You To Get Ahead is filled with achievable and tangible ways that a new Conservative government under my leadership will put more money in your pockets so you can get ahead.”

The Conservative platform also shows a costed and independently verified path back to a balanced budget by 2024-2025. This will be done through a combination of spending restraint and reductions to both corporate handouts to profitable corporations and foreign aid to relatively wealthy countries.

“My plan eliminates Justin Trudeau’s damaging deficits because Conservatives know a balanced budget is the only way to make sure services like health care are protected,” Scheer said.

As Prime Minister, Scheer will provide:

1. More money for you, for your kids, and for your retirement
By scrapping Trudeau’s carbon tax, providing a Universal Tax Cut, taking the GST off home heating, making maternity benefits tax-free, boosting the RESP, increasing the Age Credit, bringing back tax credits for children’s arts, fitness, and learning, and introducing the Green Home Renovation Tax Credit.

2. More good jobs
By reversing Trudeau’s tax hikes on small business, creating a National Energy Corridor to generate opportunities, boosting innovation and commercialization, supporting economic immigration, promoting interprovincial trade, building infrastructure projects that reduce commute times and lower emissions, and more.

3. More innovation to fight climate change
By taking the fight against climate change global and incentivizing industry to develop emissions-reducing technology that can be shared with the world’s highest-emitting countries.

4. More help at home
By supporting our veterans, improving our correctional system, securing our neighbourhoods, strengthening border protection, reducing health care wait times, and more.

5. More strength abroad
By confronting the global complexities of climate change, human migration, cybersecurity, and national defence, renewing relationships with important allies, and standing up for Canada on the world stage.

“It’s time to turn the page on four years of broken promises. As Canadians, it’s time for Canadians to look to the future once again with confidence,” Scheer said.

The platform was verified by Jack Mintz, President’s Fellow at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy.

“I conclude, therefore, that the Conservative Party fiscal plan is reasonably estimated, resulting in a budgetary balance in five years subject to uncertainties that impact any economic forecast including those of the PBO,” Mintz said.


  1. Does anyone have a link where I can download a copy of the Conservatives costed platform? I want to check the facts.

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