Culture Days ranks Richmond #1

THE national Culture Days organization recently unveiled their 2013 Top Ten cities and towns. Ranked by the total number of registered Culture Days activities, Richmond, BC, was named as the #1 Regional or Belt City in Canada. With 90 free, interactive cultural activities registered with Culture Days, Richmond was also listed in the Top Three cities overall, after Winnipeg and Toronto.

“Since it began in 2010, Richmond has enthusiastically embraced Culture Days as a celebration of home-grown culture,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “I congratulate Richmond’s participating artists, cultural organizations, creative small businesses and their supporters for ranking at the top of this national movement.”

Results were calculated by total number of activities registered on in 2013 and do not include Québec and Alberta, which run complementary programs. Culture Days is an annual three-day celebration of arts and culture that occurs in more than 800 cities and towns across Canada. Artists, cultural organizations, heritage sites, designers, chefs and other creative people offer free hands-on or behind-the-scenes activities to give the public the opportunity to experience the cultural life of their community.

In 2013, 60 organizers (individual artists and cultural organizations or businesses) in Richmond registered their activities. In spite of challenging weather, an estimated 5,000 people attended Richmond’s 2013 Culture Days which took place in 35 locations across the city.

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