Damdama Gatka Championship will showcase global talent

Photo: SBDSJGA website

THE Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji Gatka Akhara (SBDSJGA) announced this week that the first Gatka championship is taking place on June 24 and 25 in Surrey and will bring together skilled Gatka players from around the world, showcasing the rich traditions of this ancient martial art on a global platform with the utmost professionalism and caliber.

The SBDSJGA is a renowned Gatka school which has been offering Gatka training based out of the Lower Mainland since 2003. The school has produced multiple national and international champions and members have performed Gatka, a centuries-old Sikh martial art and combat sport, on multiple high-profile events, including the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay.

The Damdama Gatka Championship celebrates the traditional martial art form and showcases global talent in a format that has never been done before. This championship event is a perfect balance between the traditional elements of Gatka, and a contemporary approach to sports competitions, ensuring an engaging and unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators, said the SBDSJGA.

“We are thrilled to organize this event and to inspire the community and Gatka players from across the world to practice this martial art form,” said Paneet Singh, Board Member of SBDSJGA. “This event marks a historic milestone in the journey of how Gatka is practiced around the world, and we want to continue to foster this spirit of competition while inspiring the next generation to carry this traditional practice.”

Gatka players will demonstrate their skills through a series of one-on-one competitive bouts of two-minute rounds of fari-soti (bamboo stick and leather shield) combat. Qualifying matches will take place on Saturday, June 24 followed by the elimination championship playoffs on Sunday, June 25. The championship will feature an impressive roster of experienced combatants and emerging talent from across the globe and will be live broadcast on TV and online worldwide featuring an on-air team of notable Sikh sports media personalities and esteemed Gatka alumni.

“We are excited to witness the convergence of tradition and modernity in this championship,” said Preet Mangat, Board Member of SBDSJGA. “While preserving the authenticity of Gatka, this event will embrace professionalism and fair play. It is a testament to our commitment to showcasing Gatka’s heritage while embracing the dynamism of how world sports events take place today.”

This one-of-a-kind championship will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst in promoting cultural diversity, as well as the spirit of competitive fair play, said the SBDSJGA.

For more information about the Damdama Gatka Championship, including registration details, visit the official website at www.gatka.ca.



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