Surrey Councillor Elford reveals why Mayor Locke is afraid of Province’s report on policing transition

SURREY Councillor Doug Elford announced on Thursday that he is taking an assertive stance in advancing the dialogue surrounding the highly debated Surrey Police Service (SPS) transition. Having personally signed the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the Province, he said he has gained exclusive access to the complete unredacted report, which puts forth a compelling recommendation to proceed with the SPS transition.

Elford emphasized the profound impact of the unredacted report, stating, “The revelations contained within this report are nothing short of shocking. They have left me deeply unsettled and convinced that a thorough examination of its contents will undoubtedly reshape the perspectives of my council colleagues. Once they have had the opportunity to read this report, there can be no doubt that they will be unable to, in good conscience, continue their support to keeping the RCMP.”

Elford’s strong assertion sheds light on the reasons behind Locke’s reluctance to sign the NDA: She is afraid about exposing her Surrey Connect council members to the truth which is that continuing with the SPS is the right decision for not only Surrey but public safety for the entire Province.

With unwavering conviction, Elford called upon his fellow council members to embrace this invaluable opportunity and immerse themselves in the report’s revelations, underscoring its potential to generate a paradigm shift in their understanding. Recognizing the gravity of the decision at hand, he urged his colleagues to prioritize a comprehensive review of the report, as it holds the potential to unlock a fresh perspective on the Surrey Police Service transition. By engaging in an open and transparent dialogue, he said he believes that a thorough examination of the report will enable informed decision-making and serve the best interests of the Surrey community.

As the Surrey Council proceeds with their deliberations, Elford said he is fostering an environment of inclusivity, where all voices are valued and heard. By encouraging his colleagues to delve into the unredacted report, he said he champions a collective pursuit of truth and understanding, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to the well-being of the community and public safety.



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