Delhi Sees Four Rapes Every Day

Four cases of rapes are reported in the national capital every day, according to figures released by Delhi Police on Friday.

Over the past four years, there has been a persistent increase in crimes against women. In 2013, 1,559 cases of rape were reported in Delhi, which was 129.26 percent higher than 680 rape cases in 2012, said figures revealed at the annual press conference of Delhi Police.

Around 96 percent of rapes reported in 2013 were committed by an accused known to the victim, except 58 rapes committed by strangers, said the figures.

A total of 1,398 rape cases have been solved.

Rape cases have been increasing over the years with 572 cases in 2011, 585 in 2010 and 459 in 2009.

Cases of molestation of women have also shot up by 412.56 percent. The number of cases rose from 653 in 2012 to 3,347 in 2013.—IANS