Delta Mayor tells Farnworth to enhance public safety during ongoing gang conflict

DELTA Mayor George V. Harvie sent a letter to Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, on May 20 requesting action to enhance public safety during the Lower Mainland District Gang Conflict.

Two options are suggested to address the immediate conflict and to curb gang activity and associated violence for the longer term.

Harvie suggests providing for increased daily and weekly coverage of RCMP Air 1 helicopter. Enhancing aerial coverage will assist with a rapid response to crime scenes and the pursuit of suspects risking public safety on roadways.

In addition, the Farnworth is requested to examine provincial legislation or bring forth legislation to establish significant consequences for vehicle operators in dial-a-dope operations and rental agencies and vehicle owners whose vehicles are involved in these illegal activities.

Harvie said: “Public safety is paramount. Resolving the current Lower Mainland District Gang Conflict requires a combined effort by multiple agencies. By working together and focusing on solutions that address enforcement, education, outreach, and prevention, we can take important steps to protecting our communities.”


View Harvie’s letter here.