Dirty game in Surrey will get dirtier!



ON Friday night,  someone used a fake email in the name of former Surrey MP Sukh Dhaliwal (see photo) to attack me for my article titled “Surrey Mayor: Rasode’s chances of winning bright as poll shows McCallum will take away votes from Hepner” .

The email (sdhaliwal@yahoo.com from IP – our website records the IP automatically) stated:

“Rasode PAID you to write this ? How Much $$ If you want to report Rasode then do not write fake stories, no where in this report they say she will win, let alone she will not contest, due to Watts ..do your home work Rattan.”

When I phoned Sukh Dhaliwal to verify his email before posting it on line (I have no fear of such lowdown allegations), he was shocked and said that was not his email.

“I totally condemn this,” he said in an angry tone.

In fact, he is in favour of Rasode.

I am sure the readers can guess which party is behind this slander campaign.

Nowhere in my report does it suggest that the poll shows that Rasode will win – any reader with even average intelligence can make out that it’s my analysis based on the poll and they have every right to disagree with it and say so.

But the fact that someone uses a fake email like that in Sukh Dhaliwal’s name proves the person is very insecure and that Rasode MUST be a STRONG candidate for them to panic.

As for the money, please let me know where it’s hidden, so that I can claim it!

(Some readers are now insisting that the RCMP should track down the IP address as this involves IMPERSONATION of a former MP. So look out for further developments in this case)