Don’t forget about campfire ban this long weekend

If you’re getting ready for the holiday weekend hopefully you’re not letting a few clouds get in the way of barbecues, beaches, and a bit of fun.

But remember, a campfire ban is now in effect and there may also be restrictions on other sources of flame.

The campfire ban (which also applies to industrial burning, fireworks, tiki torches, sky lanterns and burning barrels) covers all provincial parks, Crown and private land, but does not apply in municipalities that already have burning by-laws.

BC Fire Information Officer Marg Drysdale says that means some private campgrounds may allow fires.

“You may very well be allowed to have a campfire and that’s something you can check ahead of time. If you are going to a specific campground you can call ahead and find out if they are within a municipality with a burn by-law and if they are allowing campfires,” she told News1130.

If you are permitted to have a fire, be smart about it.
“The size restriction is a half metre by a half metre and we are asking people to make sure all the debris is cleared around the campfire area. And make sure you have something to put the fire out with — either water or a shovel. We’re asking people to really think about what they’re doing right now, for safety’s sake,” says Drysdale.

In the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, most municipal and regional parks have banned fires, smoking has been banned on some trails (as always in Vancouver) but both propane and charcoal portable barbecues are still okay.
When in doubt, watch for posted signs or call your local municipality or regional district for more information.