1. Re-submitted, re-worded, typos corrected:

    While there should be kudos to Safe Surrey Coalition for commiting increase and improve city consultation with city residents and business owners …

    … Also needed are similar commitments to ensure that ALL members of Surrey’s city council can participate in the processes that identify and approve future annual “State of City Addresses”, and the city’s municipal objectives…

    (IE “municipal objectives”, as defined by BC’s Local Governance Act, and Community Charter Act:



    Towards this, commitments are needed that the incoming Surrey city council will expeditiously pass Bylaws that require:

    1) Surrey’s future annual “State of The City” addresses are prepared following to-be-developed and adopted-by-the-city…

    … formal, inclusive and transparent procedures and guidelines;

    2) All members of council are invited to and are enabled to have input to the content of future “State of The City” addresses;

    3) ALL members of council have input to whatever “city (municipal) objectives” are identified in future “State of The City” addresses;

    4) Groups other than the Surrey Board of Trade ** have the same rights and opportunities as the Board – to host and benefit from hosting future “State of The City” addresses;

    ** Non-profit, Christian, Arts/Culture , Residents’ Associations,+ other sectors of the community should be eligible to host/co-host Surrey SOCAs;

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