Doug McCallum welcomes Blair’s support for a Surrey police force

Doug McCallum

FEDERAL Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction has announced that he would support a Surrey police force.
He said: “The decision on how Surrey should be policed is a decision for Surrey and I would respect their ability to make that decision and leave that decision to them. We would very much respect that decision and would do everything we can to support that decision.”

Doug McCallum, mayoral candidate of the Safe Surrey Coalition, said on Monday that he welcomed Blair’s comments, noting: “We’ve had enough of Surrey First’s studies and their studies of studies. Now is the time to take action against gangs and gun crimes. We need a local police force that will make it tough for criminals to do business in Surrey.”

He added: “There are also challenges around local youth being attracted to gangs. The solutions often involve community support and involvement. A local police force made up of members who plan on living in Surrey for the long-term will be better suited to make those connections and they will also be in a much better position to understand our community. We need practical solutions that work and they will come from having Surrey’s own police force.”

McCallum said: “On Day 1, the Safe Surrey Coalition will initiate the process to withdraw from the RCMP and establish our own Surrey Police force. It is time to move forward and Make Surrey Safe Again.”


  1. Where do we get all these funds from , for Sky Train And Our Own Police ?? . I would like to know ..

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