Eby receives Peter German report on anti-money laundering; government response soon

David Eby

ATTORNEY General David Eby on Tuesday announced that he had received Peter German’s independent review of British Columbia’s anti-money laundering policies and practices in Lower Mainland casinos.

He said: “German’s report includes 48 substantive recommendations, spanning 250 pages. We will provide the government’s response in due course.”

German was directed to examine what connection, if any, the issue has with other areas of B.C.’s economy, as well as to recommend actions to address money-laundering in B.C.

Eby said: “It’s clear that the proceeds of organized crime have been laundered through casinos in British Columbia for many years. Government is determined to end this illegal activity. German’s report will provide us with a strong foundation to make effective decisions to eradicate this activity.”

The terms of reference for Peter German are available here:



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