#AskCanadianSikhs – When Canadian Sikhs spoke out

FOLLOWING the success of the social media hashtag campaign “#AskCanadianSikhs”, The World Sikh Organization of Canada will be hosting a series of events in Edmonton, Surrey and Brampton from April 6-8,  entitled, “#AskCanadianSikhs:  When Canadian Sikhs Spoke Out”.
The panels will feature prominent UK journalist Sunny Hundal as well as public relations and media specialists. Hundal writes a bi-monthly column for the Hindustan Times and for the UK’s Independent. The panels will be moderated by WSO Board Member Jaskaran Sandhu.
The WSO said that in the wake of misleading reporting and false allegations of extremism and radicalism, Sikh Canadians came together and spoke out against the misleading narrative created by a small group of reporters. The WSO launched the #AskCanadianSikhs campaign on social media which saw an overwhelming response from Sikhs across the country.  The community challenged reports of rising extremism and demanded that Sikh voices be included by reporters writing stories about the community.
WSO board member Jaskaran Sandhu wrote an opinion piece entitled “Sikh Perspective Too Often Missing From Canadian Coverage of Sikhs” that was published on Canadaland (http://www.canadalandshow.com/sikh-perspective-missing-from-canadian-coverage-of-sikhs/)
WSO’s effort to give Canadian Sikhs a voice through the #AskCanadianSikhs campaign caught the attention of many in the Canadian media and has been acknowledged by some as a turning point for Sikhs in Canada.
Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight wrote: “I feel we’re witnessing a watershed moment in the assertion of Sikh identity in Canada. It’s modern. It’s smart. It’s sophisticated. And to anyone paying attention, it’s clear that Sikhs are not going to quietly put up with the reductionist stereotyping that their parents and grandparents endured from the media in bygone eras.”
In order to further the dialogue on how Canadian Sikhs can change the narrative and ensure their voices are heard in the media, the WSO is hosting community events in Edmonton, Surrey and Brampton.
The events are as follows:
Friday, April 6:  Edmonton at 10111 Ellerslie Road Southwest from 5:30-8 p.m.
* Saturday, April 7:  Surrey at Bollywood Banquet Hall,  201 8166, 128th Street, Surrey, B.C. from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
*Sunday, April 8: Brampton at Peel Art Gallery, Museum + Archives, 9 Wellington Street East from 1:30 to 4 p.m.
To register for the events in Brampton and Edmonton, visit:
or to register for the Surrey event, visit: