MSP elimination: Liberals accuse NDP of having four different positions in a week

BRITISH Columbians are getting whiplash from the NDP’s “four positions in four days’ on how they would fill the $1.7 billion hole created by their promise to eliminate Medical Service Plan, the Liberals said on Friday.

  1. In the BC NDP platform, party leader John Horgan says he will get rid of the MSP tax on families entirely. No mention of ‘rolling it into the tax system’ or finding new money to pay for his promise.
  2. NDP MLA Carole James is asked how the BC NDP will fill the $1.7 billion gap and says they will “move it into the progressive tax system.”
  3. When asked by a reporter if he will roll it into the income tax system, Horgan gave a definitive “no.”
  4. Today, when asked if he was still ruling out rolling it into the income tax system, Horgan said “I’m not speculating on how we get there.”

The BC NDP has had four different positions on MSP in a week – two just today and the day is still young, the Liberals noted.

It’s clear the BC NDP don’t have is a plan to pay for his $1.7 billion MSP promise, they said.