Five-term BC MP Nathan Cullen endorses Jagmeet Singh for federal NDP leadership

Nathan Cullen and Jagmeet Singh.

EVEN as a racist, right-wing section of mainstream media in BC subtly attacked federal NDP leadership hopeful Jagmeet Singh for his Sikh beliefs, Nathan Cullen, five-term MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley and NDP Critic for Ethics and Democratic Reform, announced his support for him.

Cullen said: “Jagmeet has shown that has he has both the ability to project a strong, progressive vision for Canada while proving himself humble and able to incorporate new ideas.”

He added: “All of the candidates are qualified and capable, with excellent qualities. But only Jagmeet has demonstrated an ability to attract and motivate a broad, diverse group of Canadians. This skill is the very thing New Democrats and Canadians need right now.”

Cullen said: “Jagmeet is a strong social democrat, and his commitment to electoral reform and a green economy stand out strongly for me. He has also demonstrated an undeniable ability to connect with broad audiences through traditional outlets and social media – making a bigger platform for our party and our causes.

“Jagmeet’s leadership will empower New Democrats to grow our party as well as cultivate organizers and leaders throughout the party, equipping us with the tools to win and to govern,” said Cullen.”

Jagmeet Singh said: “It is an honour to have Nathan’s support. A caucus veteran with a wealth of institutional knowledge, Nathan has been a powerful advocate for so many of the issues New Democrats hold dear, from electoral reform to climate change and the green economy to the rights of Indigenous communities. I am so excited to have Nathan on board.”

The anti-Sikh column in a BC newspaper that attacked Jagmeet Singh ironically quoted two South Asian politicians who have been mocked for their political opportunism. One of them just couldn’t get himself elected as MP even after desperately switching from the Liberal Party to the Conservative Party. The other politician switched from the NDP to the Liberal Party and could only get nominated by being parachuted into a riding; he later lost when he ran for re-election.