Executive committee to ask Rob Ford to address accusations

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s executive committee is writing a letter that will urge Ford to speak formally about the recent accusations of drug use.

Speaking to reporters outside of the mayor’s officer, Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday said the statement will be released later today.

Holyday said the longer it takes Ford to speak, the worse it gets and said he’s concerned about the pressure Ford is under.

Holyday reassured the city’s residents that city hall is on top of administering business. “I don’t like the city of Toronto shown in this light.”

Political affairs specialist John Stall with 680News spoke with Holyday about the executive committee’s reported plans.

The only thing I can tell you about a meeting with the executive committee is that Councillor Peter Milczyn is trying to organize a conference call to discuss the ongoing problem at city hall, pertaining to the mayor’s situation,” says Holyday.

“I told Milczyn and others through e-mail that I wasn’t going to participate in a phone conversation. If we were going to have any meeting it would have to be face-to-face, and I would try to get the mayor there,” he adds.

Holyday notes he will be seeing Ford today.

“I am going to tell him about the executive committee, and he knows probably by now they wish to have a meeting. I think that opposed to having a meeting without him, I’d rather have a meeting with him, and if they have questions to put to him, go ahead and put them.”

According to The Globe and Mail, said the executive committee has put together a contingency plan to run the city — if and when the mayor backs away for a while to get the kind of help that they are pushing him to seek.