Former Delta Police Chief Jim Cessford introduces his ‘Independents Working For You’ as ‘strong, qualified team’

Jim Cessford flanked by Sandeep Pandher and Jeannie Kanakos at a meet with South Asian media.
Photo: Vinnie Combow

FORMER Delta Police Chief Jim Cessford and his ‘Independents Working For You’ team met with South Asian journalists on Monday to highlight that their group “has fielded a strong team of candidates for Mayor, Council and School Board positions in the upcoming municipal election.”

“The slate’s core values of integrity, leadership, community and inclusivity will serve Delta well for the next four years,” they told the media.

The ‘Independents Working For You’ team introduced itself as:

(L-R) Laura Dixon, Joe Muego, Garry Shearer, Jeannie Kanakos, Jim Cessford, Bruce McDonald, Sandeep Pandher and Nick Kanakos.

Jim Cessford for Mayor: Cessford devoted himself to serving Delta as the Chief of Police for 20 years. He offers Delta community-based leadership with integrity, the ability to work collaboratively and a proven track record of putting people first.

Jeannie Kanakos to Council – Incumbent Councillor Kanakos’ professional experience in community development and negotiations has made her an effective three-term Councillor. Passionate about the quality of life in Delta, she is known for doing her homework and for working collaboratively to find solutions.

Bruce McDonald to Council – Incumbent Councillor McDonald is an effective and responsive councillor with incisive analytical skills and deep knowledge of Delta’s local history and issues. For over 30 years, he has been serving and advocating for the community.

Sandeep Pandher to Council – A professional project manager, Pandher is dedicated to listening actively, taking ideas to action, and delivering tangible results. His focus is keeping Deltans moving, building a family-friendly city and accelerating our leadership on environment and climate action.

Garry Shearer to Council – Shearer has a record of success in hi-tech start-ups in Delta. His commitment to community includes securing the hospice property as President of the Delta Hospice Society and enhancing the community as President of Tsawwassen Rotary and Governor of Rotary in BC.

Laura Dixon for School Trustee – A 20-year advocate for Delta’s children, youth and families, incumbent School Trustee Dixon has served as a School Trustee for three terms and as Board Chair for the past five years. She works hard to create an atmosphere that supports innovative teaching and student success.

Nick Kanakos for School Trustee – Incumbent School Trustee is a retired Delta teacher and has served seven years as a Delta School Board Trustee. He understands the education system from the inside out. He provides the experience and leadership that ensures a high-quality education for Delta students.

Joe Muego for School Trustee – An architect, Muego brings both a professional and parent lens to Delta School District. He is a long-time parent leader in the Delta School District having served as a PAC Chair and now Executive Delta District Parent Advisory Council Chair.