Independents Working For You slate commits to Delta Trucking Action Plan

(L-R) Laura Dixon, Joe Muego, Garry Shearer, Jeannie Kanakos, Jim Cessford, Bruce McDonald, Sandeep Pandher and Nick Kanakos.

DELTA’S Independents Working For You slate has committed to develop a Delta Trucking Action Plan when elected to office on October 20.

Announcing the commitment on behalf of the slate, council candidate Sandeep Pandher said: “Trucking makes an important economic and social contribution in Delta where we are home to two of the largest industrial parks in Greater Vancouver – Annacis Island Industrial Park and Tilbury Industrial Park – along with Canada’s largest container terminal, Deltaport. As a team, we are committed to developing support and infrastructure that contributes to enhancing economic opportunities related to the trucking industry here in Delta.”
Pandher added: “Delta is the gateway trade corridor for goods to and from Asia-Pacific markets, and we have a unique opportunity to be a leader nationally by developing collaborative models with federal and provincial governments, along with our neighboring municipalities, to collectively deliver on the needs of the trucking sector.”
Key future actions when elected to office would include:
• Initiate meetings with the United Trucking Association and other stakeholders within 90 days to discuss priorities for the Delta Trucking Action Plan.
• Develop the Delta Trucking Action Plan in cooperation with the City of Surrey and Deltaport operators.
• Restore ‘After 7 p.m.’ parking in the Annacis and Tilbury Industrial Parks in consultation with trucking representatives and local business communities.
• Develop a public safety plan in collaboration with Delta Police Department and Delta Bylaw Enforcement to combat break-ins.
• Support the development of a commercial truck wash facility in Delta.
• Support the co-op model for truck parking site development. Rather than single-truck parking, Independents Working For You would support multiple, micro land-use parcels across different areas of Delta.
• Work collaboratively with the federal and provincial governments to identify funding opportunities to support the trucking sector in Delta.
The Independents Working For You slate includes mayoral candidate Jim Cessford; Council candidates: Jeannie Kanakos, Bruce McDonald, Sandeep Pandher and Garry Shearer; and School Board candidates: Laura Dixon, Nick Kanakos and Joe Muego.