Former Mountie Sidhu who pleaded guilty in cocaine case resented RCMP colleagues

U.S. court documents say a former Mountie resented the RCMP so much that he turned to his previous adversaries in organized crime and sold them his specialized knowledge.

Rapinder Singh Sidhu has pleaded guilty to his role in smuggling cocaine across the Canada-U.S. border and is expected to be sentenced to eight years in prison later this week.

U.S. District Attorney Jenny Durkan says Sidhu also contributed to the corruption of a fellow law enforcement officer who sabotaged his own career by becoming involving in the drug-smuggling scheme.

While Sidhu is accused of being a leader in the operation that began at an unknown time and ended in May 2008, Durkan says the ex-Mountie continues to blame others for his crimes.

Court documents say the case involves the seizure of two loads of cocaine — in July 2007 in Orange County, Calif., and in May 2008 in Everett, Wash., where a Canadian border inspector recruited by Sidhu allowed the vehicle to enter B.C. without inspection.

Durkan says that in the case of the California load, both drivers received 12 years behind bars and that there’s no justice in the six- to eight-year plea deal bargained for Sidhu.