Ashton College understands the importance of finding a rewarding career. This is why it believes it is important to award Lilian To Bursaries, valued at $8,000 each, to four outstanding immigrants each year.

Over the past eight years, in partnership with Canadian Immigrant Magazine, over forty Lilian To Bursaries have been awarded. These bursaries have provided recipients with the financial resources to enroll in a full-time program that has in turn helped them obtain the credentials they require to start their careers in Canada.

For past Lilian To Bursary recipient Serah Gazali, who has since graduated from Ashton College with her Immigration Consultant Diploma, this bursary was her golden ticket to starting her career in Canada. In her own words, after learning she was a bursary winner she felt “happy, elated, and proud” of her achievement, especially because Ashton had seen potential in her to excel and use her talent to give back to the community.
Since being awarded her bursary this past fall, Amelia Agbayani has enrolled in the Certified Financial Planning program and is currently working towards her career aspiration of becoming a Financial Planner. Winning one of the Lilian To Bursaries meant “pursuing a good education to help me find a better-paying job and give me the skills to set up my own business … as a certified financial planner.”

Lilian To was a crusader for immigrants as the long-time executive director and CEO of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.. Lilian passed away in 2005. The Lilian To Bursaries were established to honour her legacy by ensuring that immigrants have the resources to work towards the goal of having a secure and stable career in Canada.

Canadian citizens or permanent residents who arrived in Canada for the first time during or after 2008 are eligible and encouraged to apply for one of the four Lilian To Bursaries. The deadline to apply has been extended to August 30, 2013 to allow more immigrants to take advantage of this opportunity.