Fraud and corruption in Punjab continues to be a problem for Canadian immigration officers

EXTRACTS from an official report revealed by Lexbase, Canada’s leading immigration publication under well-known lawyer Richard Kurland, shows that fraud and corruption in Punjab continues to be a problem for Canadian immigration officers.


* “The AFLO regularly liaises with police from Punjab Police and Chandigarh Police and regularly provides documentary support for prosecution in cases related to visa fraud.”

* “In Punjab, corruption with police continues to be a major challenge. … It is widely reported in the media and senior police officials have admitted that their officers are easily bribed.”

* “Identities of legitimate sponsors and their documentation [are] being recycled by agents in subsequent applications, especially with siblings.”

* “Chandigarh has recently been receiving a large number of TRV [Temporary Resident Visa] applications that have nothing more than a hotel reservation and airline booking as supporting documents. Further investigation has uncovered that many of these applicants believed that they were applying for a WP [Work Permit] but the agent only submitted a TRV application. After the inevitable refusal, in some cases, agents will convince the applicant they have been issued a WP by sending them a scan of a fraudulent WP and charging very large fees before the passport is returned.”

* “As revealed in a WP QA [Work Permit Quality Assurance] exercise, there is a continuing trend of worker applicants submitting fraudulent experience letters. Over half of all WP applicants misrepresent their employment history.”