Full slate of candidates join Andrew Wilkinson’s renewed BC Liberal team

THE BC Liberals on Saturday announced “a renewed team” of 87 candidates joining party leader Andrew Wilkinson, “prepared to offer British Columbians in every riding a real choice in this election — a choice to Restore Confidence and Rebuild BC.”

“I am proud of the team that we have put together and looking forward to working with them for the best interests of our province,” said BC Wilkinson. “BC needs effective leadership that is committed to real recovery, a government that will grow the economy and create jobs, instead of one that is more concerned about their own jobs than the safety of British Columbians.”

The B.C. Liberals said that rather than looking out for the needs of the people he is supposed to serve, BC NDP Leader John Horgan decided to look out for himself, calling a snap election in the middle of a global pandemic. The BC Liberals added they are committed to putting the needs of all British Columbians first, with a diverse and experienced group of candidates from every corner of this province, who are ready to work for all of BC.

“British Columbians are rapidly losing confidence in the NDP’s ability to lead BC to economic recovery,” said Provincial Campaign Manager Emile Scheffel. “Only the BC Liberals are offering a diverse, experienced, and renewed team led by Andrew Wilkinson that will restore confidence and rebuild BC.”