Gamers line up for Playstation 4

ps4-hrdware-large1Playstation 4 hits store shelves Friday.

Electronics store Future Shop held a launch party at its Granville Street location Thursday night, anticipating hundreds would line up to get their hands on the latest rendition of the popular video game console.

And line up they did. At 9:30 p.m. the queue was down Robson Street and wrapped around the back alley.

The first gentleman in line had been there since 1 p.m.

“I’m a very competitive person so that’s why I came here before anyone else. I actually thought it was going to be busier than it was,” he said.

“There are roughly 250 console units at this location, so I’m hoping to get one,” said one of the men a few feet behind him.

“I was told it was sold out everywhere online, because of pre-orders,” said another man half a block away.

Even the ones lucky enough to have scored a console through pre-orders were in line.

“A lot of these people want to get on it as soon as possible to start playing. They’ve taken the day off. They’ve got their games. They’re ready to go,” said an employee with Future Shop.

Considering it has been seven years since Sony issued a new Playstation, there is a lot of anticipation.

“Playstation 4 is the next generation of video games. Some would call it life changing,” explained an eager consumer.

The console is selling for $399.