Goa issues advisory for Saudi-bound job seekers

Panaji–The Goa government asked job seekers headed for Saudi Arabia to beware against fake agents promising them employment on the so-called “free visa”.

The advisory issued by the state government comes in the wake of a crackdown by the Saudi authorities against aliens and other expats working in the Islamic kingdom on fraudulent paperwork.

“The government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has warned against entering Saudi Arabia for employment on the so-called ‘free visa’. The authorities have pointed out that there is no such visa under the Saudi labour regulations,” the Goa government’s advisory said.

“The Saudi authorities stressed that they have to work only with their employers whose names are mentioned in the entry visa, and that the relevant rules in Saudi Arabia prohibit people from taking up jobs with businesses other than their original employers,” it said.

Currently over 65,000 Indians are legally residing in Saudi Arabia, while over 90,000 Indians have applied for regularisation of their documents under an amnesty programme declared by Riyadh.—IANS