Liberal Government has failed to develop sound immigration policy: Conservatives

Michelle Rempel

CONSERVATIVE MP Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, in response to the tabling of the 2018 Immigration Levels Plans, said in a statement on Wednesday: “The success of Canada’s economy has, and will continue to depend on a skilled and educated workforce, and immigration is a vital component of this. However, one thing is increasingly clear and it is that the Trudeau government has overpromised and under delivered on the immigration file.

“Whether it’s the backlog at the Immigration and Refugee Board, lack of mental health services for Yazidi women, or wait times for permanent residency for caregivers, the Liberals continue to show a lack of leadership and an inability to manage our immigration system in a way that’s fair, compassionate, and safe.

“While the Liberal government claims that they will focus on economic immigration in 2018, it remains to be seen how they can be successful when they have so far failed to develop a sound strategy to ensure immigrants help fill labour gaps in certain sectors and in remote and less populated parts of the country.

“It’s about people, not numbers. The Liberal government needs to stop using taxpayer dollars, feel good tweets, and photo ops as metrics for success in Canada’s immigration system. Instead, they must present a plan that brings Canada’s immigration system back to order by stopping illegal immigration, and ensuring integration into the Canadian economy and pluralistic society through language proficiency, mental health support plans and employability.”