Green Party Leader Weaver calls for Reid to step aside as Assistant Deputy Speaker

Linda Reid

ANDREW Weaver, Leader of the B.C. Green Party, on Wednesday called for MLA Linda Reid to step aside as Assistant Deputy Speaker of the House.

Weaver said in a statement: “Last night one of the key whistleblowers referenced in Speaker Darryl Plecas’ report about fiscal wrongdoing in the B.C. Legislature came forward publicly to shed light on the culture of entitlement that he allegedly witnessed. This whistleblower was allegedly dismissed for questioning the expense claims of B.C. Liberal MLA and Assistant Deputy Speaker of the House Linda Reid.

“It is for that reason that today I am calling for MLA Reid to step aside as Assistant Deputy Speaker of the House. Our focus at this time must be on restoring public trust in our democratic institutions. I cannot see how that is possible when one of the individuals named by this whistleblower is still holding a position of power and oversight in the Legislature.

“Restoring public trust must be every MLA’s priority at this moment in time. Positions such as Assistant Deputy Speaker have an even higher threshold for trust given the responsibility they hold in serving the entire legislature.

“I do not ask for this lightly. MLA Reid is the longest serving member of the Legislature. However, in light of the numerous and serious allegations of the Speaker’s report, as well as the candor of this key whistleblower, I feel strongly that it is inappropriate for MLA Reid to continue to serve as Assistant Deputy Speaker until such a time that these allegations can be fully addressed.”