Weaver slams Trudeau’s willingness to put federal dollars on the line in response to ultimatums

Andrew Weaver

GREEN Party Leader Andrew Weaver on Sunday slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for considering using public funds to absorb investor risk in this project.

Following the meeting between premiers John Horgan and Rachel Notley and Trudeau regarding the Trans Mountain pipeline, Weaver said: “The message this sends to investors is that if they issue ultimatums for projects based on fundamentally faulty economic rationale, the Prime Minister will put taxpayer dollars on the line to bail them out. Since Kinder Morgan made its case to the NEB predicated on oil prices being at least $100 per barrel, markets have shifted dramatically and oil price projections are between $40-70 per barrel.”

He added: “This should concern all Canadians who took the Prime Minister at his word when he said he would build a clean, forward-looking economy. That means providing targeted incentives and support programs for industries who are embracing low-carbon solutions. Instead, the Prime Minister is doubling down on a sunset industry whose expansion puts our climate targets out of reach. We need to be investing in our shared future, not subsidizing the wealth of Texas oil companies.

“Three years into his mandate, it appears the Trudeau Liberals have no actual plan for transitioning to the low-carbon economy. This is a massive missed opportunity to make Canada a global leader in climate solutions. Worse, his insistence in pushing this project through despite significant Indigenous and community opposition risks everything that makes Canada great – our commitment to human rights, our beautiful natural environment and our international reputation as a peaceful nation of hard workers unafraid to tackle the challenges before us.

“I am encouraged to see Premier Horgan continue to stand up for B.C.’s right to protect our economy, our environment and our people,” said Weaver.

“B.C.’s world-leading climate policies introduced by Premier Gordon Campbell showed the world that climate action and a thriving economy are compatible. My caucus is working closely with Premier Horgan’s to develop a climate plan that will make B.C. a world leader once again. We will continue to provide this leadership in B.C. because we know it is the only way to secure a bright economic future for our province and for our country.”



  1. This comes from the party that has no issues with dumping raw sewage into the ocean and has no issue with flooding indigenous land for the site C dam. Perhaps you could do without Canadian oil and import oil from the USA. The people in Washington would love that.

    The problem with politicians is that you are exactly that politicians that will do anything for a vote so that you can pick up a nice pension. Let’s face it if you gave a damn for the country we would be working together instead of trying to kill the industry of one province. Have you forgotten how much provincial tax transfers received??

    Get a real job in the pulp and paper that you decimated or any other industry you put people out of work.

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