BC Liberal Leader Wilkinson lashes out at Premier Horgan

Andrew Wilkinson

LEADER of the Official Opposition Andrew Wilkinson on Sunday, reacting to the meeting in Ottawa regarding Trans Mountain between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and premiers John Horgan and Rachel Notley, said: “Today, John Horgan clearly stated what he has denied for months: that he has intentionally created a constitutional crisis and now has nothing to show for it.”

The B.C. Liberal Leader added: “The Premier has been deceiving British Columbians for nearly a year, attempting to convince them he would stop the pipeline even though he has known all along it would never be possible. Despite being invited to Ottawa to collaborate and find a solution, Horgan has come home with nothing for B.C.

“Thanks to the Premier’s cynical political game-playing, British Columbians will likely be paying the price. Horgan is waving empty threats and his actions have resulted in no positive outcome for British Columbians who are looking for an end to this uncertainty.

“The Premier has failed in this critical test of his ability to lead our province. British Columbians deserve better.”