Green Party of Canada congratulates BC Greens as they expand their caucus

THE Green Party of Canada on Sunday congratulated BC Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau and  the caucus on their electoral success. It said that the BC Greens captured 15.3 percent of the vote and ran a phenomenal campaign over the past four weeks. All their candidates, volunteers and supporters should be proud, it added. 

“Kudos to Sonia, the candidates, their teams and Green volunteers from across the country for a job well done” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. “The election should never have been called at this time. Despite  this, the BC Greens ran a slate of 74 stellar candidates and an outstanding campaign. I know first-hand the unique challenges of running for election during the pandemic, and Sonia and the team did a fantastic job of reaching out to voters, while keeping  everyone COVID-safe.”

The Green Party said: “The re-election of Sonia Furstenau and Adam Olsen (Saanich North and the Islands), along with the first mainland breakthrough win of Jeremy Valeriote in West Vancouver-Sea-to-Sky has demonstrated that Green values are B.C. values, and that British Columbians are looking for a new kind of politics and a real plan  for a just and sustainable future. It may be some weeks before the final results are known in some ridings, but the B.C. Greens have shown by [Saturday night’s] results that, even under the most difficult of circumstances, they have the leadership, support and organization to compete in B.C. politics and to win.”