2020 provincial general election preliminary voting results (updated)

THE following are preliminary voting results as of October 25 (4:37 p.m.) of the BC provincial general election of Saturday, October 24 from the initial count, according to Elections BC. Read about initial count.

Final voting results will be available after final count. The timing of the final count will be announced as soon as possible following the completion of the initial count. Read about final count.

During preparation for final count, district electoral officers will confirm voting results and certification envelope counts from absentee and vote-by-mail voting that was reported during initial count. Adjustments may be made to accurately reflect election night results, and the screening of certification envelopes. Results will not be finalized until the final count is completed.

Electoral DistrictCandidate’s Ballot NameAffiliationTotal Valid Votes% of Popular Vote
 Aeriol AlderkingChristian Heritage Party of B.C.5102.84%
 Pam AlexisBC NDP6,88738.30%
Stephen FowlerBC Green Party1,86910.39%
Simon GibsonBC Liberal Party7,07539.34%
Trevor HamiltonConservative1,6419.13%
98 of 98 ballot boxes reported17,982100%
Abbotsford South
 Bruce BanmanBC Liberal Party7,24446.29%
 Aird FlavelleBC Green Party1,84011.76%
Inder JohalBC NDP5,12532.75%
Laura-Lynn ThompsonChristian Heritage Party of B.C.1,4399.20%
101 of 101 ballot boxes reported15,648100%
Abbotsford West
 Michael de JongBC Liberal Party6,71547.23%
 Kevin EastwoodBC Green Party1,1287.93%
Sukhi GillB.C. Vision680.48%
Michael HenshallConservative1,3959.81%
Preet RaiBC NDP4,91134.54%
89 of 89 ballot boxes reported14,217100%
 Arlyn GreigWexit BC4232.62%
 Roly RussellBC NDP7,77248.22%
Darryl SeresConservative2,01112.48%
Petra VeintimillaBC Liberal Party5,91336.68%
98 of 98 ballot boxes reported16,119100%
Burnaby-Deer Lake
 Glynnis Hoi Sum ChanBC Liberal Party3,27532.50%
 Mehreen ChaudryBC Green Party1,24412.34%
Anne KangBC NDP5,55855.16%
83 of 83 ballot boxes reported10,077100%
 Tripat AtwalBC Liberal Party3,07227.42%
 Raj ChouhanBC NDP6,86161.24%
Iqbal ParekhBC Green Party1,27011.34%
73 of 73 ballot boxes reported11,203100%
 Katrina ChenBC NDP7,66958.08%
 Tariq MalikBC Liberal Party3,55926.95%
Dominique PaynterLibertarian2401.82%
Andrew WilliamsonBC Green Party1,73713.15%
110 of 110 ballot boxes reported13,205100%
Burnaby North
 Raymond DongBC Liberal Party4,11931.35%
 Janet RoutledgeBC NDP7,41056.39%
Norine ShimBC Green Party1,61112.26%
95 of 95 ballot boxes reported13,140100%
 Scott AndrewsBC NDP3,16831.42%
 James BuckleyLibertarian2272.25%
Lorne DoerksonBC Liberal Party5,26252.18%
David LaingBC Green Party1,03510.26%
Katya PotekhinaIndependent3923.89%
70 of 70 ballot boxes reported10,084100%
Cariboo North
 Scott ElliottBC NDP2,97232.61%
 Douglas GookBC Green Party5866.43%
Coralee OakesBC Liberal Party4,50349.41%
Kyle TownsendConservative1,05211.54%
55 of 55 ballot boxes reported9,113100%
 Josue AndersonIndependent2051.72%
 Andrew CoombesLibertarian1441.21%
Tim CooperBC Green Party1,29410.86%
Dan CoulterBC NDP4,57538.39%
Diane JanzenConservative2,18918.37%
John MartinBC Liberal Party3,51129.46%
82 of 82 ballot boxes reported11,918100%
 Eli GagnéLibertarian2391.53%
 Jeff HammersmarkBC Green Party1,3268.49%
Jason LumIndependent3,84224.61%
Kelli PaddonBC NDP5,19933.31%
Laurie ThronessBC Liberal Party5,00432.06%
89 of 89 ballot boxes reported15,610100%
Columbia River-Revelstoke
 Samson BoyerBC Green Party1,54613.03%
 Nicole CherletBC NDP4,55138.35%
Doug ClovechokBC Liberal Party5,77048.62%
77 of 77 ballot boxes reported11,867100%
Coquitlam-Burke Mountain
 Adam Bremner-AkinsBC Green Party1,3579.41%
 Fin DonnellyBC NDP7,66553.16%
Joan IsaacsBC Liberal Party5,39837.43%
88 of 88 ballot boxes reported14,420100%
 Will DavisBC Liberal Party3,89429.81%
 Selina RobinsonBC NDP7,58058.03%
Nicola SpurlingBC Green Party1,58812.16%
94 of 94 ballot boxes reported13,062100%
 Gillian AndersonBC Green Party3,77121.38%
 Brennan DayBC Liberal Party5,41430.69%
Ronna-Rae LeonardBC NDP8,45447.93%
105 of 105 ballot boxes reported17,639100%
Cowichan Valley
 Rob DouglasBC NDP7,55039.30%
 Sonia FurstenauBC Green Party8,63144.92%
Tanya KaulBC Liberal Party3,03215.78%
100 of 100 ballot boxes reported19,213100%
Delta North
 Ravi KahlonBC NDP8,48655.24%
 Neema ManralBC Green Party1,5209.89%
Jet SunnerBC Liberal Party5,35634.87%
80 of 80 ballot boxes reported15,362100%
Delta South
 Ian PatonBC Liberal Party8,64452.42%
 Bruce ReidBC NDP5,35832.49%
Peter van der VeldenBC Green Party2,48715.08%
92 of 92 ballot boxes reported16,489100%
 Mitzi DeanBC NDP8,27956.83%
 Andy MacKinnonBC Green Party3,81626.19%
Desta McPhersonIndependent1971.35%
RJ SenkoBC Liberal Party2,27615.62%
79 of 79 ballot boxes reported14,568100%
 Dennis AdamsonIndependent3813.43%
 Mike BhanguIndependent2922.63%
Aaron SumexheltzaBC NDP4,31838.86%
Jackie TegartBC Liberal Party4,70342.32%
Jonah TimmsBC Green Party1,41912.77%
94 of 94 ballot boxes reported11,113100%
Kamloops-North Thompson
 Dennis GiesbrechtConservative1,5619.40%
 Sadie HunterBC NDP6,23737.55%
Thomas MartinBC Green Party1,6579.98%
Peter MilobarBC Liberal Party7,02842.32%
Brandon RussellIndependent1250.75%
107 of 107 ballot boxes reported16,608100%
Kamloops-South Thompson
 Dan HinesBC Green Party3,05416.78%
 Todd Graham StoneBC Liberal Party9,57452.61%
Anna ThomasBC NDP5,56930.60%
97 of 97 ballot boxes reported18,197100%
Kelowna-Lake Country
 Kyle GeronazzoLibertarian4072.40%
 John JanmaatBC Green Party2,47614.58%
Justin KulikBC NDP4,39925.90%
Norm LetnickBC Liberal Party9,54856.22%
Silverado Brooks SocratesIndependent1520.90%
116 of 116 ballot boxes reported16,982100%
 Renee MerrifieldBC Liberal Party9,23452.00%
 Amanda PoonBC Green Party3,18917.96%
Krystal SmithBC NDP5,33530.04%
113 of 113 ballot boxes reported17,758100%
Kelowna West
 Matt BaduraLibertarian3692.08%
 Spring HawesBC NDP5,69732.05%
Magee MitchellIndependent3531.99%
Ben StewartBC Liberal Party9,03350.82%
Peter A. TruchBC Green Party2,32213.06%
112 of 112 ballot boxes reported17,774100%
Kootenay East
 Tom ShypitkaBC Liberal Party8,27059.71%
 Wayne StetskiBC NDP4,17030.11%
Kerri WallBC Green Party1,41010.18%
86 of 86 ballot boxes reported13,850100%
Kootenay West
 Glen ByleConservative1,2539.02%
 Katrine ConroyBC NDP8,23459.29%
Andrew DuncanBC Green Party2,44017.57%
Corbin KelleyBC Liberal Party1,61011.59%
Fletcher QuinceIndependent1531.10%
Ed VarneyIndependent1971.42%
87 of 87 ballot boxes reported13,887100%
Langford-Juan de Fuca
 Gord BairdBC Green Party2,84218.04%
 Kelly DarwinBC Liberal Party2,52116.00%
John HorganBC NDP10,30265.39%
Tyson Riel StrandlundCommunist Party of BC900.57%
79 of 79 ballot boxes reported15,755100%
 Shelly JanConservative1,3929.62%
 Bill MasseBC Green Party1,58310.94%
Andrew MercierBC NDP6,46044.63%
Mary PolakBC Liberal Party5,04034.82%
91 of 91 ballot boxes reported14,475100%
Langley East
 Megan DykemanBC NDP7,93738.78%
 Alex JoehlLibertarian1900.93%
Margaret KunstBC Liberal Party7,14434.90%
Tara ReeveIndependent1720.84%
Ryan WarawaConservative2,63312.86%
Cheryl WiensBC Green Party2,39311.69%
111 of 111 ballot boxes reported20,469100%
Maple Ridge-Mission
 Bob D’EithBC NDP9,69353.44%
 Chelsa MeadusBC Liberal Party6,38835.22%
Matt TrenholmBC Green Party2,05711.34%
107 of 107 ballot boxes reported18,138100%
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
 Cheryl AshlieBC Liberal Party6,52338.93%
 Lisa BeareBC NDP10,23161.07%
98 of 98 ballot boxes reported16,754100%
Mid Island-Pacific Rim
 Robert Alexander ClarkeLibertarian3451.94%
 Graham HughesIndependent4942.77%
Evan JolicoeurBC Green Party3,78521.26%
Josie OsborneBC NDP10,07156.56%
Helen PoonBC Liberal Party3,11117.47%
99 of 99 ballot boxes reported17,806100%
 Kathleen JonesBC Liberal Party3,49822.95%
 Sheila MalcolmsonBC NDP8,04152.75%
Lia Marie Constance VersaevelBC Green Party3,70524.30%
106 of 106 ballot boxes reported15,244100%
Nanaimo-North Cowichan
 Chris IstaceBC Green Party5,22831.42%
 Duck (don) PatersonBC Liberal Party3,55421.36%
Doug RoutleyBC NDP7,85647.22%
94 of 94 ballot boxes reported16,638100%
Nechako Lakes
 Margo MaleyIndependent3414.36%
 Jon RempelLibertarian3764.81%
John RustadBC Liberal Party4,12052.69%
Anne Marie SamBC NDP2,59433.18%
Dan StuartChristian Heritage Party of B.C.3884.96%
83 of 83 ballot boxes reported7,819100%
 Brittny AndersonBC NDP5,37739.86%
 Nicole CharlwoodBC Green Party4,44332.94%
Tanya FinleyBC Liberal Party3,33524.72%
Terry TiessenLibertarian3352.48%
77 of 77 ballot boxes reported13,490100%
New Westminster
 Lorraine BrettBC Liberal Party2,51516.14%
 Benny OgdenConservative6474.15%
Cyrus SyBC Green Party3,04919.56%
Jennifer WhitesideBC NDP9,17658.88%
Donald WilsonLibertarian1981.27%
100 of 100 ballot boxes reported15,585100%
North Coast
 Jody CravenLibertarian2384.45%
 Roy S Jones JrBC Liberal Party1,21822.77%
Jennifer RiceBC NDP3,89472.79%
46 of 46 ballot boxes reported5,350100%
North Island
 Michele BabchukBC NDP7,66647.90%
 Norm FaceyBC Liberal Party3,93124.56%
Alexandra MortonBC Green Party3,28520.53%
John TwiggConservative1,1217.00%
101 of 101 ballot boxes reported16,003100%
North Vancouver-Lonsdale
 Lyn AnglinBC Liberal Party4,66228.42%
 Christopher HakesBC Green Party2,21113.48%
Bowinn MaBC NDP9,53358.11%
92 of 92 ballot boxes reported16,406100%
North Vancouver-Seymour
 Susie ChantBC NDP7,35345.14%
 Harrison JohnstonBC Green Party2,91717.91%
Jane ThornthwaiteBC Liberal Party5,80435.63%
Clayton WelwoodLibertarian2151.32%
107 of 107 ballot boxes reported16,289100%
Oak Bay-Gordon Head
 Florian CastleCommunist Party of BC780.54%
 Nicole DuncanBC Green Party4,04628.18%
Roxanne HelmeBC Liberal Party3,40023.68%
Murray RankinBC NDP6,83447.60%
95 of 95 ballot boxes reported14,358100%
 Rob LyonBC Green Party3,31918.07%
 Don PurdeyConservative9995.44%
John St JohnIndependent3782.06%
Michelle StilwellBC Liberal Party6,36634.65%
Adam WalkerBC NDP7,30839.78%
116 of 116 ballot boxes reported18,370100%
Peace River North
 Trevor BolinConservative3,67935.10%
 Dan DaviesBC Liberal Party5,90256.32%
Danielle MonroeBC NDP8998.58%
72 of 72 ballot boxes reported10,480100%
Peace River South
 Mike BernierBC Liberal Party3,21551.53%
 Kathleen ConnollyConservative1,95531.34%
Cory Grizz LongleyBC NDP89214.30%
Dorothy Sharon SmithWexit BC1772.84%
56 of 56 ballot boxes reported6,239100%
 Dan AshtonBC Liberal Party9,13749.78%
 Toni BootBC NDP6,47235.26%
Keith MacIntyreLibertarian5583.04%
Ted ShumakerBC Green Party2,18711.92%
129 of 129 ballot boxes reported18,354100%
Port Coquitlam
 Lewis Clarke DahlbyLibertarian4773.16%
 Mike FarnworthBC NDP9,39962.18%
Erik MintyBC Green Party1,92712.75%
Mehran ZarghamBC Liberal Party3,31221.91%
103 of 103 ballot boxes reported15,115100%
Port Moody-Coquitlam
 Brandon FonsecaConservative5834.24%
 Rick GlumacBC NDP6,93650.45%
John LatimerBC Green Party1,71812.50%
James RobertsonBC Liberal Party4,40732.06%
Logan SmithLibertarian1030.75%
90 of 90 ballot boxes reported13,747100%
Powell River-Sunshine Coast
 Kim DarwinBC Green Party5,54134.48%
 Nicholas SimonsBC NDP7,71948.03%
Sandra Stoddart-HansenBC Liberal Party2,81117.49%
100 of 100 ballot boxes reported16,071100%
Prince George-Mackenzie
 Joan AtkinsonBC NDP3,87431.87%
 Catharine KendallBC Green Party1,40611.57%
Dee KranzChristian Heritage Party of B.C.2812.31%
Mike MorrisBC Liberal Party6,36152.33%
Raymond RodgersLibertarian2331.92%
82 of 82 ballot boxes reported12,155100%
Prince George-Valemount
 Shirley BondBC Liberal Party7,56056.43%
 MacKenzie KerrBC Green Party1,98714.83%
Laura ParentBC NDP3,47725.95%
Sean RobsonLibertarian3742.79%
88 of 88 ballot boxes reported13,398100%
Richmond North Centre
 Jaeden Dela TorreBC NDP3,55739.88%
 Vernon WangBC Green Party8409.42%
Teresa WatBC Liberal Party4,52350.71%
71 of 71 ballot boxes reported8,920100%
 Earl EinarsonBC Green Party1,0717.91%
 Kay HaleConservative8526.29%
Jas JohalBC Liberal Party5,34339.46%
Aman SinghBC NDP6,27546.34%
87 of 87 ballot boxes reported13,541100%
Richmond South Centre
 Alexa LooBC Liberal Party4,06349.25%
 Henry YaoBC NDP4,18750.75%
76 of 76 ballot boxes reported8,250100%
 Kelly GreeneBC NDP6,46250.87%
 Vince LiIndependent3752.95%
Matt PitcairnBC Liberal Party5,86646.18%
84 of 84 ballot boxes reported12,703100%
Saanich North and the Islands
 Zeb KingBC NDP5,38527.10%
 Adam OlsenBC Green Party10,72653.99%
Stephen P RobertsBC Liberal Party3,75718.91%
117 of 117 ballot boxes reported19,868100%
Saanich South
 Kate O’ConnorBC Green Party3,11321.65%
 Lana PophamBC NDP7,64253.15%
Rishi SharmaBC Liberal Party3,62225.19%
92 of 92 ballot boxes reported14,377100%
 Greg KylloBC Liberal Party10,54753.16%
 Sylvia LindgrenBC NDP6,29831.74%
Owen MaddenBC Green Party2,99515.10%
108 of 108 ballot boxes reported19,840100%
 Nicole HalbauerBC NDP3,90042.99%
 Martin HolzbauerIndependent3473.83%
Ellis RossBC Liberal Party4,82453.18%
61 of 61 ballot boxes reported9,071100%
 Nathan CullenBC NDP2,95949.71%
 Darcy RepenRural BC Party64110.77%
Gordon SebastianBC Liberal Party1,59726.83%
Rod TaylorChristian Heritage Party of B.C.75512.68%
50 of 50 ballot boxes reported5,952100%
 Aisha Rehana BaliConservative6634.20%
 Marvin HuntBC Liberal Party5,67235.93%
Rebecca SmithBC Green Party1,4158.96%
Mike StarchukBC NDP7,91550.14%
Marcella WilliamsIndependent1200.76%
108 of 108 ballot boxes reported15,785100%
 Jagrup BrarBC NDP7,69559.19%
 Dean McGeeBC Green Party1,1168.58%
Garry ThindBC Liberal Party4,18932.22%
93 of 93 ballot boxes reported13,000100%
Surrey-Green Timbers
 Dilraj AtwalBC Liberal Party4,45644.36%
 Rachna SinghBC NDP5,58955.64%
62 of 62 ballot boxes reported10,045100%
 Garry BeggBC NDP6,86659.74%
 Dave HansBC Liberal Party3,48630.33%
Sam KofaltIndependent2472.15%
Jodi MurphyBC Green Party8957.79%
81 of 81 ballot boxes reported11,494100%
 Harry BainsBC NDP5,83060.29%
 Paul BoparaiBC Liberal Party2,81429.10%
Asad SyedBC Green Party1,02610.61%
62 of 62 ballot boxes reported9,670100%
 Gulzar CheemaBC Liberal Party6,65544.44%
 Sophie ShresthaB.C. Vision3522.35%
Jinny SimsBC NDP7,96753.21%
84 of 84 ballot boxes reported14,974100%
Surrey South
 Stephanie CadieuxBC Liberal Party7,94548.73%
 Pauline GreavesBC NDP6,72841.27%
Tim IbbotsonBC Green Party1,63010.00%
99 of 99 ballot boxes reported16,303100%
 Ryan AbbottCommunist Party of BC1611.49%
 Jag BhandariB.C. Vision1901.76%
Shaukat KhanBC Liberal Party3,01927.95%
Bruce RalstonBC NDP7,43068.80%
85 of 85 ballot boxes reported10,800100%
Surrey-White Rock
 Jason BaxLibertarian3492.06%
 Trevor HalfordBC Liberal Party6,84040.47%
Beverly (Pixie) HobbyBC Green Party2,49514.76%
Megan KnightIndependent1,1086.56%
Bryn SmithBC NDP6,11136.15%
109 of 109 ballot boxes reported16,903100%
 George AffleckBC Liberal Party3,83328.45%
 Sandra Filosof-SchipperLibertarian1591.18%
Ian GoldmanBC Green Party2,39117.75%
George HeymanBC NDP7,09052.62%
106 of 106 ballot boxes reported13,473100%
Vancouver-False Creek
 Brenda BaileyBC NDP5,29544.38%
 Naomi ChocykLibertarian2221.86%
Erik GretlandConservative3242.72%
Maayan KreitzmanBC Green Party1,57713.22%
Sam SullivanBC Liberal Party4,51237.82%
111 of 111 ballot boxes reported11,930100%
 George ChowBC NDP7,01055.71%
 David GrewalBC Liberal Party4,42935.20%
Françoise RaunetBC Green Party1,1449.09%
100 of 100 ballot boxes reported12,583100%
 Gölök Z BudayLibertarian2652.11%
 Bridget BurnsBC Green Party2,60720.74%
Kimball CariouCommunist Party of BC1261.00%
Alex ReadBC Liberal Party2,32018.46%
Niki SharmaBC NDP7,25357.70%
92 of 92 ballot boxes reported12,571100%
 Mable ElmoreBC NDP7,36459.61%
 Paul LepageBC Liberal Party3,22226.08%
Nazanin MoghadamiBC Green Party1,61013.03%
Salvatore VetroIndependent1571.27%
76 of 76 ballot boxes reported12,353100%
 Cole AndersonBC Liberal Party2,35421.76%
 Scott BernsteinBC Green Party1,0059.29%
Adrian DixBC NDP7,24566.97%
Karin LitzckeLibertarian2141.98%
91 of 91 ballot boxes reported10,818100%
 Stephanie HendyBC Green Party1,0839.57%
 Michael LeeBC Liberal Party5,35647.34%
Paul MatthewsLibertarian1671.48%
Tesicca Chi-Ying TruongBC NDP4,70941.62%
82 of 82 ballot boxes reported11,315100%
Vancouver-Mount Pleasant
 Melanie MarkBC NDP7,27864.19%
 Kelly TathamBC Green Party2,45721.67%
George VassilasBC Liberal Party1,60414.15%
99 of 99 ballot boxes reported11,339100%
Vancouver-Point Grey
 Mark BowenBC Liberal Party4,42834.12%
 David EbyBC NDP6,20147.79%
Devyani SinghBC Green Party2,34718.09%
90 of 90 ballot boxes reported12,976100%
 Michael BarkuskyBC Green Party1,84716.13%
 Heather McQuillanBC NDP3,05626.69%
Andrew WilkinsonBC Liberal Party6,54957.19%
71 of 71 ballot boxes reported11,452100%
Vancouver-West End
 Spencer Chandra HerbertBC NDP6,47759.35%
 Jon EllacottBC Liberal Party2,33821.42%
James MarshallBC Green Party1,89717.38%
Kim McCannLibertarian2011.84%
86 of 86 ballot boxes reported10,913100%
 Kyle DelfingConservative2,83014.59%
 Eric FosterBC Liberal Party6,79835.06%
Harwinder SandhuBC NDP6,61834.13%
Keli WestgateBC Green Party3,14616.22%
121 of 121 ballot boxes reported19,392100%
Victoria-Beacon Hill
 Karen BillBC Liberal Party1,98014.48%
 Grace LoreBC NDP6,85250.11%
Jenn NeilsonBC Green Party4,65534.04%
Jordan ReichertIndependent1871.37%
117 of 117 ballot boxes reported13,674100%
Victoria-Swan Lake
 Rob FlemingBC NDP7,19256.11%
 Annemieke HolthuisBC Green Party3,83129.89%
Walt ParsonsCommunist Party of BC620.48%
Jenn SmithIndependent1831.43%
David SomervilleBC Liberal Party1,55012.09%
112 of 112 ballot boxes reported12,818100%
West Vancouver-Capilano
 Amelia HillBC NDP4,11428.84%
 Karin KirkpatrickBC Liberal Party7,70053.99%
Rasoul NarimaniBC Green Party2,30916.19%
Anton ShendrykIndependent1400.98%
88 of 88 ballot boxes reported14,263100%
West Vancouver-Sea to Sky
 Keith MurdochBC NDP4,30924.29%
 Jordan SturdyBC Liberal Party6,41536.16%
Jeremy ValerioteBC Green Party7,01939.56%
106 of 106 ballot boxes reported17,743100%