Gunfire at gurdwara in Renton, Washington

150308_sikh_temple_rentonA heated argument between two men in the parking lot of Gurudwara Singh Sabha of Washington in Renton ended up with one man pulling out a handgun which went off as others tried to prevent him from firing it.

Fortunately no one was hurt as the shot hit the ground and police say they did not recover any weapon when they arrived at the scene.

A temple member told KOMO News; “Nobody should take any weapon inside the temple. That’s very bad. Everybody should come peaceful because kids come there, women come there, elders come there, so peacefully pray and go home.”

Media said that officers detained one man, but they don’t believe he will be charged.

The Gurudwara Singh Sabha of Washington in Renton opened in 1993. It grew from a small wood-frame structure to a 23,000-square-foot building in 1997. It serves about 50,000 Sikhs in the area and is one of the main gurdwaras in Washington State, according to the gurdwara’s website.