‘Happy Canada Day’ from Trudeau and Bergen

PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday issued the following statement on Canada Day:

“Today, we celebrate the country we love, and the people we share it with. Canada is home to over 38 million people: Canadians who live in cities and towns – big and small; people who are indigenous to this land; and those who’ve been here for weeks, months, years, or for generations.

“Canada is strong because of our diversity. No matter what our faith is, where we were born, what colour our skin is, what language we speak, or who we love – we are all equal members of this great country.

“Today, we celebrate the place we all call home. I know for some, our country’s historic wrongs can make that difficult. But while we can’t change history, we can put in the work to build a better future; one that reflects our values of hope, resilience, kindness, respect, and generosity.

“Generation after generation, Canadians have shown that we can deliver on those values. We did it when we adopted our charter in 1982, we did it when we took care of each other during the pandemic, and we do it every day when we welcome refugees with open arms.

“Today is an opportunity for us all to recommit ourselves to those values – values that the Maple Leaf represents. Because our flag is more than a symbol, it’s also a promise. A promise of opportunity. A promise of safety for those fleeing violence and war. And a promise of a better life.

“As we come together today, let’s think about what this country means to us – and tomorrow, let’s challenge ourselves to find new ways to live up to the great promise of Canada. From my family to yours, happy Canada Day!”


Candice Bergen
Photo: Twitter

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Candice Bergen said in a statement:

“Every day, I am inspired by Canada.

“Our country is known worldwide as a land of compassion, tolerance, and opportunity. We are recognized as a hospitable nation that invites people from all walks of life, and that works to uplift those who are suffering.

“For many years, the Maple Leaf has served as a symbol of hope and light to the world. Ours is a country of peace, freedom and democracy. Today, we honour the history of Canada and celebrate these foundational values. We take pride in our heritage, and in the incredible natural wonders that serve as symbols of Canada’s greatness.

“But most of all, I am constantly inspired by Canadians themselves. Canadians are kind, welcoming, compassionate and generous. They are hard-working and resourceful. We meet the challenges facing our country with determination and resilience.

“Even when we disagree, Canadians know when to put aside our differences for the good of our country. We know that when we are united, Canada thrives.

“Today, I encourage all Canadians to take time to reflect on the immense blessing it is to live in Canada. I urge everyone to recommit to the defense of our values and our freedoms and to take joy in all that Canada has to offer.

“Happy Canada Day!”