Harry Bains & Jinny Sims co-host Diwali Celebration

diwaliOn Saturday, MLA Harry Bains and MP Jinny Sims hosted an Open House to celebrate Diwali. Everyone was invited to join in the celebrations with music, food and festivities. The hall was filled with candles as hundreds came out to spend part of the afternoon with friends and neighbours.

The event, included snacks, music, enjoyment by all and was held at the India Banquet Hall. The music was wonderful and festive, supplied by Freedom and Leila, who performed throughout the event.
Says MP Sims, “As the days grow shorter and darker, it is important to take time to meet with friends and family. The Diwali candles offer warmth and hope as the winter season begins.”

“I am so pleased to see friends, family and neighbours came out to join us today,” said MLA Harry Bains, “I am proud to share in the celebration of Diwali with my constituents. This celebration provides an opportunity for our diverse communities to come together in the spirit of friendship and peace to celebrate through music and dance.”

MLA Harry Bains and MP Jinny Sims shared Diwali greetings with the gathered crowd. Speeches were short as the event was meant to be a chance for people to share food, fun and music. Diwali fosters the spirit of inclusiveness which makes our province one of the most desirable places in the world to live.