Have your say on extending veteran licence plates to police

Veteran licence plate

A public engagement started on Monday, July 23 on whether police officers should be eligible to apply for a veteran licence plate in British Columbia.

Beginning in 2004, military veterans have been eligible to apply for a special veteran licence plate to recognize and honour their service. Since the program’s inception, the B.C. government has received requests to expand the eligibility criteria to allow for other groups of drivers to be able to receive a veteran licence plate.

Most recently, the Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Veterans’ Association, and others, have requested the Province and ICBC consider making the plates available to police officers – specifically RCMP members.

To better understand where British Columbians stand on this issue, the Province is seeking public feedback to help guide any future program decisions. To learn about the current eligibility criteria and take part in the survey, visit: https://www.gov.bc.ca/veterans-licence-plate

The public engagement closes September 4 at 4 p.m.


Quick Facts:

* Since the program was created in 2004, an estimated 57,000 veteran licence plates have been issued.

* The British Columbia Veterans Commemorative Association’s volunteer Second World War and Korean War veteran members administer the veteran licence-plate program on behalf of the provincial government.

* For the purposes of issuing veteran licence plates, there is no current consensus within Canada on the definition of a veteran.


Veteran licence plate eligibility public engagement: https://www.gov.bc.ca/veterans-licence-plate


  1. I believe these plates should be reserved for people who have served in armed forces if police want one give them there own.

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