Transit Fare Review: Pricing by distance between stations on rapid transit

AFTER four phases of the Transit Fare Review, TransLink says it has arrived at a number of recommendations meant to make the fare system fairer for more people.

The Transit Fare Review’s policy recommendations include eliminating zones and shifting to pricing by distance between stations on rapid transit (e.g., SkyTrain and SeaBus). Pre-paid passes would be updated to reflect this change. Buses and HandyDART would remain a flat fare.

The endorsement of this policy direction by the Mayors’ Council and customer feedback collected during the review allow TransLink to take the next steps. Over the coming months, TransLink will:

  • Begin the process of building required business cases
  • Launch discussions with its technology partners to ensure that any changes can be implemented with minimal cost and disruption for customers
  • Work with the provincial government to explore potential options for expanded discounts for low-income customers, children and youth

Timing will depend on discussions with TransLink’s technology partners and on the development of an implementation plan.


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