Hotdog day for homeless on Saturday

Association of South Asian Professionals of British Columbia (ASAP), working with Friendship Providers in Action, will be conducting a Hotdog Day for the Homeless on Saturday, November 23, 2013 starting at 11:30 am at Oppenheimer Park in East Vancouver. ASAP will be serving up 1,000 hotdogs along with refreshments to those in need. The group of South Asian professionals will also distribute gently used clothing to the less fortunate members of society. By raising awareness, ASAP hopes others will join in to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the approximately 2,300 homeless people in Vancouver.

“We have been conducting our Hotdogs for the Homeless events several times a year for over five years now and unfortunately the problem of homelessness appears to be getting worse not better.

Mental illness is a major factor in this problem. The treatment of those with mental illness reflects poorly on our society. While we are honoured to give back to the community in this manner, the issues of homelessness and the manner in which those with mental illness are dealt with needs to be addressed now by everyone. Together we can make a difference. ASAP and its members are doing their part by getting involved with our many events like the “Hotdog Days for the Homeless” and giving back to the community. We encourage and challenge others to join us to help resolve the plight of the homeless,” states Mr. Jindy Bhalla, President of ASAP.

ASAP strives to recruit individuals who are looking to make a difference.